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Managing the supply chain might get tangled, but with Milio, keeping an eye on quality is as easy as ever. Inspect, audit and test your products and block defective items from making their way to your customers.

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Your extended product quality team.

Quality control for companies

Supplier Audits

Review suppliers and factories for ethical practices, labour law adherence, environmental impact, equipment & more.

Technical Audits
Environmental Audits
Social & Ethical Audits
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Quality control for companies

Production Inspections

Book pre-, in-line or post-shipment inspections of products with highly-trained inspectors, globally.

Performance testing
Reliability testing
Pre-shipment inspection

Product & Lab Testing

Lab tests for consumer products against a number of international standards (including EN, ISO, ASTM, IEC, REACH, RoHS).

Environmental Audits
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Quality team

The all-in-one quality
control hub

Fast & Easy Bookings

Step into a world of convenience with our all-digital booking portal. Book and manage product inspections with ease. Fast, and efficient – because your time is valuable.

Customize Your Path to Quality

Collaborate with us to create tailor-made checklists and procedures for quality control, compliance, and testing.

Integrate Seamlessly

Integrate Milio into your supply chain to effortlessly schedule quality checks, product tests, or compliance reviews.

Unlock In-Depth Supply Chain Insight

Our platform instantaneously produces key quality control data regarding your suppliers and products, offering you an unparalleled depth of understanding of your supply networks.

The all-in-one quality control hub for ecommerce brandsThe all-in-one quality control hub for ecommerce brandsThe all-in-one quality control hub for ecommerce brandsThe all-in-one quality control hub for ecommerce brands

Catch product issues early. Avoid the headache.

Milio provides best-in-class inspection services around the globe. Book inspections and audits worldwide to ensure quality for every part of your product journey.


Lower Return Costs

Milio reduces return costs by spotting issues like wrong labels and critical production errors, cutting unnecessary expenses.


Sales Increase

Thorough inspections boost product ratings, which in turn can lead to better sales by decreasing negative feedback.


Admin Time Saved per Year

Automated inspections and a unified dashboard save time on updates and reports, freeing you to concentrate on key business tasks.

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Product issues early


Full Service

Quality assurance at every step, safeguarding your supply chain end-to-end.

Blazingly Fast

Book inspections in minutes, keeping your business moving at full speed.

Your Dedicated
Quality Team

Expert quality team, dedicated to build custom QC, compliance and testing checklists.


Make data-based decisions derived from supplier and product performance.

Digital Hub

One-stop quality management, streamlined for simplicity.


Benchmarked excellence, ensuring your products are top-grade.

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Choosing Milio as our inspection partner was an easy decision to make. They really figured out how to integrate QC processes and services into our supply chain without a hassle.”

Simon Mändle

Milio's digital setup is amazing. Easy bookings, stunning reports, deep analytics. It's exactly what we need to build resilient production processes.”

Marius Krüger
COO @ Swedish Fall
Inspections Meet Industry Standards
Amazon FBA approved product inspectionsProduct inspections and audits ISO standardista approved audits and inspections


It’s my first inspection. What do I need to know before I get started?

For your first inspection, booking a quick call with our team is best. We are here to help and will walk you through setting up your account. From creating your first supplier and products all the way to booking your first inspection - our team will guide you through the process. You are new to inspections in general? Don't worry; we're happy to explain what all our processes look like and consult you along the way.

Will the factory receive a copy of the inspection report?

We are not sharing the report with your supplier without your approval. However, the inspectors will communicate with your supplier on the day of the inspection and mark defective items for attention. Also, you can always share the report with your supplier to provide more transparency and work on corrective actions.

How soon should I schedule my inspection with Milio?

Thanks to our digitised processes, we are very flexible when it comes to booking your inspection. Nevertheless, we advise our customers to book inspections at least 5 days in advance so that we can confirm the inspection date with your supplier on time.

When will I get my inspection report from Milio?

We deliver the report within 24 hours, including weekends. This means that you should receive the inspection results no later than 6 PM GMT on the following day. If we can foresee any delays or hold-ups, we will ensure to notify you upfront. Need the report faster, e.g. to release your shipments on time? Let us know, and we will do our best to speed up the process.

How do credits work?

Our pricing is tailored for flexibility—purchase any number of inspection credits and use them at your convenience, with no expiration. Whether you need 20 inspections within a week or across a year, your credits remain valid. Take advantage of volume pricing by committing to a certain number of credits in advance (even if you are paying at a later stage). With us, you pay a flat rate per inspection without worrying about additional platform fees, monthly subscriptions, or variable pricing.

What payment methods can I choose from?

You can conveniently pay in advance using either a credit card or a bank transfer.

How do I get started?

To get started, you can either book a demo for personalised guidance through the process or, if you're ready to go, simply create an account in minutes and book your product inspection with just a few clicks.

Can I get advice on what inspection I need to book?

Absolutely! We're here to help. Book a quick chat with our team; we’ll guide you through the process, clarify what your product can be tested for, and advise on beneficial inspections or audits.

What do I need to book my first inspection?

Before your inspection, have the information about your supplier and specific items you're looking to assess ready, e.g. barcodes, product and label images for reference, or measurement files. When setting up your products, you can either choose from our standard checklists or create your own - from scratch or using a template.

Is there anything we should pay special attention to or known flaws? You can easily create custom tests our inspectors should perform. Also, you don't need to give your supplier a heads-up, as we confirm all things inspection with them on your behalf while keeping you in the loop at all times.